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Welcome to the SEARCH Digital Library - Open Access Digital Library. Readers don’t have to register or pay to read and download the papers. SearchDL subscription is absolutely free and you can have unlimited access to the publications of your choice.

The SearchDL.ORG is a online storehouse of knowledge as it maintains the resources available in Research world in digital format as it bridge the barriers of time and space. This Open Access Information Storing and Retrieval Digital Library System that the readers don’t have to pay to store, read and download the papers.

The SEARCH Digital Library is managed by Search Innovations Society - a Not for Profit organization.

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Copyright is the ownership and control of the intellectual property in original works of authorship which are subject to copyright law. It is the policy of the IDES that all rights in copyright shall remain with the publisher

Under the copyright law, copyright subsists in "original works of authorship" which have been fixed in any tangible medium of expression from which they can be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device. These works include:

    * Literary works such as books, journal articles, poems, manuals, memoranda, tests, computer programs, instructional material, databases, bibliographies;
    * Musical works including any accompanying words;
    * Dramatic works, including any accompanying music;
    * Pantomimes and choreographic works (if fixed, as in notation or videotape);
    * Pictorial, graphic and sculptural works, including photographs, diagrams, sketches and integrated circuit masks;
    * Motion pictures and other audiovisual works such as videotapes;
    * Sound recordings.

Protection does not extend to any idea, process, concept, discovery or the like, but only to the work in which it may be embodied, illustrated, or explained. For example, a written description of a manufacturing process is copyrightable, but the copyright only prevents unauthorized copying of the description; the process described could be freely copied unless it enjoys some other protection, such as patent.

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