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Integrity Assurance with Minimum Location Disclosure on Mobile Devices by Using Pmac

Active Galaxy
Mr. P. Senthil, Mrs. S. DurgaDevi


Since the boom of smart phones and location-based services, spatio-temporal data i.e., user locations with timestamps have become increasingly essential in many real-life applications. To ensure these data are faithfully extracted from the underlying location tracking hardware and not altered by any malicious party or the user himself herself, integrity assurance schemes such as digital signatures or message authentication codes MAC must be adopted. However, these conventional schemes disclose to the verifier the complete plain text location and thus jeopardize users privacy. Propose an integrity assurance scheme with minimum location disclosure. That is, the granule of the disclosed location is just small enough to prove the user is has been to a certain place, and the verifier cannot learn anything beyond it. To this end, a new MAC scheme called Prefix-verifiable MAC PMAC , based on which we design indexes and protocols to authenticate both spatial and spatio-temporal predicates. Security analysis and experimental results show our scheme is both secure and efficient for practical use. 

by Mr. P. Senthil | Mrs. S. DurgaDevi | Bhargavi M. B. "Integrity Assurance with Minimum Location Disclosure on Mobile Devices by Using Pmac" 

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Special Issue | Active Galaxy , June 2018, 

AG 2018

Dr. M. M. Patel
Dr. M. M. Patel
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