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Cyberinfrastructure and the Critical Role of Engineering Partnerships for Science Discovery

2018 International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering
Scotty Strachan


Technology with innovation continues to drive discovery in all aspects of academic research. Whether

it be biomedical breakthroughs, next-generation trac engineering, global climate research, or species

adaptation, each eld of domain science has become increasingly dependent on complex technologies to scale

and iterate. The technologies that enable networking, information acquisition, analysis, and visualization

have become ubiquitous, so much so that automation of one kind or another is being increasingly applied

in most scientic workows. This brings two key pieces of functional cyberinfrastructure into focus:

software-dened everything, and data management for reusability. On one hand, you have communities

of researchers building systems to capture unprecedented volumes of data, and on the other you have

even more people wishing to access and synthesize these both in near real time as well as much later.

Science has outstripped its ability to properly manage data some would argue this happened a long

time ago. Regardless, the value of data gathered for scientic purposes is only as good as its proximity

to use (computing) and its provenance (metadata). Because of the danger of misapplication, scientists

of all elds now need tools and standards that allow for rapid data interchange as well as evaluation

of comparability. Because each domain can produce unique types of data, close partnerships between

software engineers, data management specialists, and domain scientists are needed more than ever. In this

keynote, we demonstrate and discuss the clear need for cross-domain partnerships that can build eective

cyberinfrastructure to accelerate the scientic discovery process.

SEDE 2018

Frederick C. Harris Jr. Yan Shi Sergiu Dascalu
Denver Colorado USA
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