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A Critical Study of Electronic Voting Machine EVM Utilization in Election Procedure

Fostering Innovation, Integration and Inclusion Through Interdisciplinary Practices in Management
Dr. A. V. Nikam, Dr. P. C. Shetiye, Dr. S. D. Bhoite


We can experience fast and sudden changes in the life of human being due to the information technology IT . Information technology is used individually as well as in business then how it could be exception for election. In our democracy there are three levels Loksabha, Vidhan Sabha and Sthanik Swarajya Sanshta. Information technology is useful in preparing voters list, proper voting and prediction of which candidate will be winner etc. Providing the proper services to the voters regarding election for sake of this it has been prepared a software app called too voter. Using this app voter can easily search his name in voter list and his election centre etc. It can also be possible to see the expenditure of election through this app. This app is useful to all citizens, voters, election officers, political parties, self service centre, media and political analyst. The main and important step is actual voting though Electronic Voting Machine EVM . At the beginning many questions were raised whether literate and illiterate can use this machine properly. It seen that everyone is using this machine. Presently the button called None of the above NOTA become part of discussion. Due to EVM following points become possible 1 Fast counting of voting 2 Accurate counting of voting. 3 Avoidance of misbehavior misconduct. Even promotion and dissemination by candidate is possible through information technology. It can possible to get likes about opinions and image of candidate through facebook and twitter. 

by Dr. A. V. Nikam | Dr. P. C. Shetiye | Dr. S. D. Bhoite "A Critical Study of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) Utilization in Election Procedure" 

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Special Issue | Fostering Innovation, Integration and Inclusion Through Interdisciplinary Practices in Management , March 2019, 


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