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Digitalization in Education Sector

International Conference on Digital Economy and its Impact on Business and Industry
Dr. Satish Marathe


In todays world, digitalization has been a game changer in one of the most important sectors- Education. It has been effectively used as a prominent technique in the whole gamut of education sector. It has blurred the boundaries of physical distance, as well as, has embedded more scientific ways to impart knowledge from tutors to the students. Digitalization would also mean huge savings in the resources infrastructure of seating capacities, printing of books, notes, papers etc. Primary objective of the study is to highlight evolving of digitalizationand its economic impact on the education sector. Digitalization of education assumes to include two inseparable components - a classroom learning concepts and b online learning methods. The paper also describes various terms and types of digitalization. It discusses advantages and disadvantages of online methods of learning. This paper also tries to differentiate between Old-school techniques and Digitalized techniques in education. While there are obviously seen advantages of Digitalized education sector, there are still merits in certain aspects of Old-school education. The nature of the study is semi empirical. Various theory concepts, experiential learning and data points from external sources have been used while arriving at recommendations and views expressed in this paper. 

by Dr. Satish Marathe "Digitalization in Education Sector" 

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Special Issue | International Conference on Digital Economy and its Impact on Business and Industry , October 2018, 


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Dr. M. M. Patel
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