Conference Paper

Building Evacuation using Microsoft HoloLens

2018 International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering
James Stigall


Evacuation training is critical to the survival of building

occupants in the event of an emergency. Live evacuation

drills and two-dimensional (2D) floor plans have been the

conventional way of informing people of proper evacuation

procedures. However, people may not be able to participate

in live evacuation drills due to time constraints. Also, 2D

floor plans do not provide the perspective and imagery

needed to thoroughly know the building layout and,

ultimately, the evacuation path that is needed to be taken

during an emergency. Augmented reality (AR) has been

shown to captivate users, helping them retain information,

and do not require users to be present in the environment

being simulated. Thus, this work comprises an AR

application being built to help users evacuate a building. The

application was built for Microsoft HoloLens, a device

offering users a 3D, holographic view of building floor plans

so that they can have a better perspective of the building,

making it easier for them to find a way out of the building

during the evacuation. This paper proposes an architecture

and describes the design and implementation of an AR

application to leverage the Microsoft HoloLens for building

evacuation purposes. Pilot studies were conducted with the

system showing its partial success and demonstrated the

effectiveness of the application in an emergency evacuation.

SEDE 2018

Frederick C. Harris Jr. Yan Shi Sergiu Dascalu
Denver Colorado USA
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