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Controlling Traffic Signals Through GPS for Ambulance

Active Galaxy
Mrs. S. DurgaDevi, Mr. P. Senthil


In todays world, traffic jams during rush hours is one of the major interest. During surge hours, Emergency vehicles like Ambulances get caught in jams. Due to this, these emergency vehicles are not able to reach their target in time, resulting into a loss of human lives. We have Developed a system which is used to provide clearance to any emergency Ambulance vehicle by Turning all the red lights to green on the path of the emergency vehicle, hence providing a Complete green bay to the desired vehicle. A green bay is the synchronization of the green phase Of traffic signals. With a green bay setup, a vehicle transient through a green signal will continue to receive green signals as it travels down the road. Around the world, green bay is used to great effect. In the existing system we dont have automatic control traffic signal, due to this Emergency ambulance not able to reach the hospital within time. For this system we have implemented effective smart ambulance system by using GPS Technology. This project is Targeted to design and develop a real time smart ambulance system. 

by Mrs. S. DurgaDevi | Mr. P. Senthil | T. Keerthana Controlling Traffic Signals Through GPS for Ambulance

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Special Issue | Active Galaxy , June 2018, 

AG 2018

Dr. M. M. Patel
Dr. M. M. Patel
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