Journal Paper

Fuzzy Speed Regulator for Induction Motor Direct Torque Control Scheme

Jagadish H. Pujar, Behera R


This paper presents a novel design of a control scheme for induction motor as a fuzzy logic application, incorporating fuzzy control technique with direct torque control method for induction motor drives. The direct torque control method has been optimized by using fuzzy logic controller instead of a conventional PI controller in the speed regulation loop of induction motor drive system. The presented fuzzy based control scheme combines the benefits of fuzzy logic control technique along with direct torque control technique. Compared to the conventional PI regulator, the high quality speed regulation of induction motor can be achieved by implementing a fuzzy logic controller as a PI-type fuzzy speed regulator which is designed based on the knowledge of experts without using the mathematical model. The stability of the induction motor drive during transient and steady operations is assured through the application of fuzzy speed regulator along with the direct torque control. The proposed fuzzy speed regulated direct torque control of induction motor drive system has been validated by using MATLAB simulink.
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