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Dc House An Alternate Solution for Rural Electrification

Preeti Pawar Patil, Rutuja Kole Patil, Nikita Patil


In today s date, India is a large consumer of fossil fuel such as coal, crude oil etc. The rapid increase in use of Non renewable energies such as fossil fuel, oil, natural gas has created problems of demand and supply. Because of which, the future of Non renewable energies is becoming uncertain. Now a day s electricity is most needed facility for the human being. All the conventional energy resources are depleting day by day. So we have to shift from conventional to non conventional energy resources. In this the combination of two energy resources is takes place i.e. wind and solar energy. This process reviles the sustainable energy resources without damaging the nature. We can give uninterrupted power by using hybrid energy system. Basically this system involves the integration of two energy system that will give continuous power. Solar panels are used for converting solar energy and wind turbines are used for converting wind energy into electricity. This electrical power can utilize for various purpose. Generation of electricity will be takes place at affordable cost. This paper deals with the generation of electricity by using two sources combine which leads to generate electricity with affordable cost without damaging the nature balance. 

BY Preeti Pawar Patil | Rutuja Kole Patil | Nikita Patil Dc House: An Alternate Solution for Rural Electrification

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-3 | Issue-4 , June 2019, 


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