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Self Perception and its Influence on Professional Impartial among Postgraduate Students in the University of Buea

Zang Serge Ndi PhD, Afoudjio Nongni Alerte Mimi, Tani Emmanuel Lukong PhD, Diffo Ngaleu Francois Noe, Elsie Wase Enyanga, Enongene Kome Maclaire Muke, Metuge Justine, Forteh Ngochi Wase Susan, Orock Martha


This study investigated the effect of self perception on career aspiration of postgraduate students in the University of Buea. The objectives were to examine the influence personality trait on students career aspiration amongst postgraduates, to examine the influence of personal goal on career aspirations amongst postgraduate students, to examine the influence of personal values oncareer aspiration among postgraduate students. The study used descriptive survey research design. In survey research participants were selected to represent some larger population and where asked a series of questions about their behavior, thoughts or attitudes toward career development. Survey designs were employed because of their simplicity and ease of administration. The study used a sampled size of 20 postgraduate student form the faculty of Science and the faculty of Arts and sampling technique was stratify random and simple random sampling. The data was analyzed using thematic analysis which required the transcription of interview recordings and followed coding stages. Initially, the authors read and re read transcripts in order to identify potential themes. The result showed that some personality traits like belief and strength of participants influence their choice of career. Based on this finding, it was recommended that parents, community and teachers should try and encourage students to seek information on career choice rather than parading peer advice and also sufficient information career should be made available to students. The researchers also recommended that parental supervision should be encouraged and some gender bias should be abolished. On the part of the postgraduate students, it was encouraging that they learn to belief in their self actualization. Lastly, schools and universities should encourage sensitization on campuses to create their awareness for the need of career counseling so that many students can be better aware of the services of a guidance counselor. Zang Serge Ndi PhD | Afoudjio Nongni Alerte Mimi | Tani Emmanuel Lukong PhD | Diffo Ngaleu Francois Noe | Elsie Wase Enyanga | Enongene-Kome Maclaire Muke | Metuge Justine | Forteh Ngochi Wase Susan | Orock Martha Ettawuh | Egwom Jacob Ekuti "Self-Perception and its Influence on Professional Impartial among Postgraduate Students in the University of Buea" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-4 | Issue-6 , October 2020, URL: Paper Url:
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