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ISSN:  2536-7064
Editor:  Dr. Awatief Fahmey Hifney
Publisher:  Integrity
ISSN:  2536-7099
Editor:  Prof. SMITH Olusiji Frederick
Publisher:  Integrity
ISSN:  2158-0006
Editor:  Dr. Lixuan Lu
Publisher:  ACEEE
ISSN:  2162-0059
Editor:  Dr. Noor A Ahmed
Publisher:  AMAE
ISSN:  2162-0075
Editor:  Dr. Zhishi Wang
Publisher:  ACEE
ISSN:  2152-5072
Editor:  Dr. Francisco Fernandez Masaguer
Publisher:  ITI
ISSN:  2158-7574
Editor:  Dr. Georges Zissis
Publisher:  ACEEE
ISSN:  2158-7558
Editor:  Dr. Nuno Vasco Moreira Lopes
Publisher:  ITI
ISSN:  2158-0138
Editor:  Dr. Olga Pilipczuk
Publisher:  ITI
ISSN:  2152-5056
Editor:  Dr. Guangtao Zhai
Publisher:  ITI
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